Welcome To Our World Of Event Decor

Deco Excellency started as a small interior design company. But now has grown to and even bigger and better event planning and decoration company. Together with Adorable Creations, Fazzy Wiggle and Rachel’s Home Made Have joined hands to bring you the best decor services in town with trending new ideas and state of the art designs.

We are based in Mbabane and hold most of our small functions and City Court Guest House which has a spectacular view of Mbabane. We have different packages to suit your budget and our packages include the latest decoration trends.

When it comes to kids we also have a wide range of packages to cater for their events. For more information check  the Fazzy Wiggle page to see our wide range of kids decoration and themes. We also do pinata for that particular theme you have chosen. Our team is there to meet all your kids needs.

Adoration Creation has a wide range of trending looks to cater for your Wedding, baby shower, bridal party, traditional event, parties and so much more. We plan and decorate your event and also provide cake and other baked goodies by Rachel s Home Made.

We do balloon decoration and center piece, garland, backdrops, invitation cards and programs, flower wall with real and artificial flowers.







Welcome to Deco Excellency, where we Design, Decorate and Inspire.

Interior design is the art process of designing the interior of any room or building. An interior designer is someone who coordinates and manages such projects.


We can design:

Homes                                                                      Offices

Boutiques                                                            Stores

Malls                                                               Flats

Churches                                                     Shops

Buildings                                                   Schools

Exhibitions                                               Farms